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Designing for the new Twitter

twitter bgThe new Twitter interface is being rolled out to more users every day, and these tweople are slowly realizing that their existing profile designs do not play nicely with the new, dynamic interface.

A few days back, Mashable released a series of Photoshop PSDs to help users recreate their background images.

We’ve taken the liberty to re-work Mashable’s template files and have packaged them up as a single PSD.  This template may not be absolutely perfect, but it is a great indicator of how your Twitter profile will look at various resolutions (1024×768 through 1600×1200).

Feel free to download our Twitter background template and share it!


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  1. Christina Warren Says:

    Awesome! I had the same idea after I posted everything but just didn’t have time to merge them all together! Thanks for this!

  2. Michael Says:

    No problem at all Christina! I’m glad people are finding it useful… Thanks for making the originals!

  3. Alice Graphix Says:

    Great idea to bundle them together as a single file.

    Hopefully this will help encourage users to adjust their custom backgrounds to fit the new layout.

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